Dr RETTER® F.6 Lipidium Ichthyol Shampoo


Ichthyol shampoo is intended for greasy hair with an irritated scalp. Treats dryness and flakiness whilst effectively cleansing scalp and hair.
– effectively cleanses and regenerates irritated skin
– calms itching
– soothes irritation
– reduces seborrhoea and flaky skin

Panthenol soothes irritation
White ichthyol has an anti-inflammatory effects, softens and relieves itching.
Lemon extract refreshes and restores the skin balance.
The complex of magnesium, zinc and copper minerals protects against free radicals and increases cellular respiration;

Usage: apply a small amount onto hands, gently lather into hair and scalp. Rinse with water.

Packaging: bottle 250 ml

Art. # 508.00