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A.Handium – Hand & Nail Care


Makes skin elastic, firm, super-moisturised, effectively reduces hyperpigmentation, hardens and revitalises nails.

Beautiful hands are every woman’s visiting card. However, taking proper care of sensitive skin is a real art, since palms have no fat tissue and sebaceous glands. To keep your hands and nails always healthy and groomed, the Research Laboratory of Dr Retter® ЕС OLIGOTHERAPYTM have developed the HANDIUM cosmetic line.

Every day, hands are damaged by diverse harmful factors; temperature differences, wind, frost, washing and cleaning agents make the skin rough and dry and micro-cracks and irritation appear. The nutritive formulas of OLIGOTHERAPYTM HANDIUM line contain optimally selected active ingredients, which effectively regenerate the skin, returning its natural beauty and health, making your hands amazingly beautiful.

Vitamin A is the key ingredient of the state-of-the art line of Dr Retter® OLIGOTHERAPYTM HANDIUM skin care cosmetics. It delivers effective hand protection from premature aging and pigmentation. The cream is enriched with substances that moisturise and nourish the skin, and make nails healthy and strong. With OLIGOTHERAPYTM HANDIUM cosmetics, your hands will become velvety soft and beautiful.