Oligotherapy® Concept

The Concept of Dr Retter® Oligotherapy™ is aimed at improving the functioning of the skin by providing it with selected microelements, vitamins, and oligominerals in innovative cream bases. The synergistic combination of natural oligoelements improves biomimetic skin properties, promotes regeneration processes that occur in the epidermis and enhances the protective barrier, therefore making the skin less susceptible to irritation and inflammation.

1. What is the Oligotherapy™?

Oligotherapy is the latest series of dermatological cosmetics, designed for the most demanding of skin types. This is a unique approach to skin care thanks to specially selected nutrients. Thus, a healthy, naturally beautiful skin is created. Thanks to the wealth of vitamins and microelements contained in the innovative formulas, recovery and restoration of the epidermis is accelerated. Nutrition is the key to a proper functioning of the skin, and minor elements are necessary for its protection. Thanks to the active complex comprising of compound oligominerals and vitamins, this ensures optimal hydration of the skin, protection from harmful environmental effects and free radicals. They are a source of essential active ingredients responsible for the elimination of dermatological and cosmetological problems.

2. Why are oligominerals so important for my skin?

Oligoelements and vitamins are the basis for proper functioning of any organism. Microelements have a beneficial effect on the appearance of our skin. Their deficiency in the body is exactly what causes many skin problems. Their intake in the form of food supplements is inadequate. Thanks to the innovative formulas containing essential oligominerals, such as magnesium, zinc, copper, iron, and iodine, as well as vitamins and Omega acids, they provide optimal care for all skin types. Determination of the problem is the key to proper care; our wide range of Dr Retter® Oligotherapydermatological cosmetics is the solution for achieving proper, effective every-day skin care.

3. Why is the Oligotherapy™ series unique?

Our series of Dr Retter® Oligotherapydermatological cosmetics is a source of specially selected active ingredients that restore healthy skin. Use of innovative formulas not only help in controlling dermatological problems, but also have a long term beneficial effect on the skin, ensuring nourishment and regeneration. These formulas do not contain parabens, genetically modified substances, volatile oils, or propylene glycol. Additionally, there are no allergens in the aromatic compositions, and therefore there is no risk of allergies.

There are many products on the market that contain refined active ingredients whose effects we cannot always see. The OligotherapyTM Series is based on traditional components known from older days. Only such care is efficient and effective.

4. What actions do the oligoelements have?

Oligotherapy™ encourages proper functioning of the skin by providing it with essential microelements. Thus, their use ensures improvement of the skin and restoration of its protective barrier from harmful effects of the environment. Use of Oligotherapyproducts reduces water loss through the epidermis, strengthens its structure, providing nutrition, regeneration, and optimal hydration of the skin.