Rejuvenating gel with a complex of biologically active components improving skin metabolism. It moisturises, nourishes and regenerates the skin. Owing to its enriched formula, the gel also has an anti-inflammatory, smoothing, softening and suppling effect and restores evenness complexion of the skin. This anti-age gel can be applied even on the skin susceptible to inflammation and irritation, as well as skin suffering from acne. The gel with hyaluronic acid, vitamin С and snail mucus filtrate has a complex multi-action effect: it nourishes, moisturises and regenerates skin.

Hyaluronic acid in this product ensures deep skin moisturizing, firming and lifting. Penetrating into the skin, it primarily balances metabolism and restores skin’s physiological moisture level, internally enhances metabolism and stimulates inner hyaluronic acid synthesis processes.

Vitamin С protects cells from oxidation, intensifies biological reactions, promotes better cell nourishing, and uptake of incoming oxygen and elements. The effect of vitamin С on the cell is comparable with the action of nitrogen oxide on a car engine, in particular, it accelerates reduction oxidation reactions and activates enzyme and hormone activities. The cell starts working in the „rejuvenated” manner. In this gel ascorbic acid is contained in its biologically active form of ascorbyl palmitate (pure ascorbic acid cannot penetrate into the cell and cannot be acquired by skin).

Snail Secretion Filtrate promotes and intensifies the above effects, since it has an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, regenerating and strengthening action. The mucus contains a complex of rejuvenating and regenerating biologically active substances: collagen, elastin, mucopolysaccharides, growth factors, cytokines etc.

The product is free from fragrances, parabens, mineral oils, artificial colours, phthalates, gluten and GMOs. The gel is suitable for sensitive skin susceptible to irritation and inflammation.

How to use: apply a small amount of the gel to clean facial skin a few times a day (2 or more times depending on skin needs).

Package: a tube, 15 ml