Private label cosmetics

What is a private label?

Usually, it is a label that belongs to a commercial network, a retailer. Private label cosmetics are distinguished among other types of products for the fact that they are sold exclusively by these enterprises, and they are under their constant supervision. In Poland, the first private brands started entering the market in the 1990’s. Around the same time, we started production under our own private label. We have been in the market for more than 20 years and have produced private label cosmetics almost since the company was founded.

Private label popularity

The growing interest in Private Label Cosmetics amongst customers is primarily related to the price. Basically, private label products and cosmetics are available at a lower, more attractive cost than the products of famous brands. At the same time, these are high-quality products. Today, consumers pay particular attention to the quality-price ratio. Buyers do not choose the cheapest solutions any more. The benefits they receive as a consequence is what is important to them. They want to find a good product at a reasonable price. This is the very solution that Dr Retter EC offers.

Private label cosmetics

The private label Dr Retter was created with those in mind who seek high-quality beauty care products at a reasonable price. Currently, our product range includes more than 170 cosmetic formulas for skin, for daily care of different types of skin with different needs. We have worked very hard to create a low-cost, safe and effective composition. We avoid using parabens, artificial colouring agents and modified substances. We introduce active ingredients of organic origin, which have a beneficial effect on the skin. We create private label cosmetics with particular care. We devote much attention to its design and preparation. We are proud of the products we manufacture.

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