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What is outsourcing?

We carry out packaging of cosmetic products in jars, bottles, „airless” containers and cartons. We also provide filling into laminate and plastic tubes of different sizes (3-275 ml) and diameter (Ø 13.5 – 50.0). We use reliable production lines on the basis of modern equipment provided by the leading European manufacturers. We use packaging and materials supplied exclusively by proven European manufacturers. We comply with the highest standards of microbiological purity of production.

Cosmetic product and appropriate packs

It is very important to choose the right type of cosmetic pack for a particular type of cosmetic product. The pack must protect the cosmetic product from effects of harmful external factors, and preserve the consistency of mass under the conditions of changing air temperature. It is important for cosmetic mass to retain its color, smell and texture, as well as its consumer properties. The pack should not deform, it must maintain leak tightness and stability of the information on the outer label.

Outsourcing of pharmaceutical cosmetics packaging

We carry out professional packaging of a customer’s cosmetics. We offer professional help for the creation of a finished product, we provide comprehensive preparation of individual packaging for a variety of cosmetic products, including elixirs, creams, peels, masks, foams, and many others.

What is the advantage of outsourcing?

Professional outsourcing provides many benefits for both the customer and the manufacturer. The most important advantages are:

  • Saving time and money – we have ready production lines for the production of pharmaceutical cosmetics (A to Z). This saves the costs associated with the implementation of commencing own production, as well as making it possible to avoid numerous errors, both economic and technological.
  • Professional assistance – our customers benefit from more than 20 years of personal experience in the industry. We are happy to help find the right packaging for a particular product, will assist in elaboration of the design and composition of the product.