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Cosmetic packs

Dr Retter EC only uses high-quality packaging for it’s products, provided by leading European manufacturers. We work extensively with reliable manufacturers and suppliers in Poland and abroad. We use laminate and plastic tubes for our cosmetics, as well as other types of packaging. Among other things, we pack cosmetic products in jars, bottles, and „airless” type containers. The packaging we use is made from high-quality raw materials that do not adversely affect the properties of the cosmetic product.

Cosmetic product and appropriate packaging

It is very important to choose the right type of cosmetic packaging for a particular type of cosmetic product. The packaging must protect the cosmetic product from effects of harmful external factors, and preserve the consistency of the cosmetic during conditions of changing air temperature. It is important for the cosmetics to retain their colour, smell and texture, as well as their properties. The packaging should not deform, it must prevent leakage and maintain the clarity of the information on the outer label.

What does Dr Retter EC suggest?

Dr Retter EC is not a manufacturer of cosmetic packaging. We get our packaging from reliable suppliers with a solid reputation. In addition, we provide professional assistance to our partners in the selection of the correct type of packaging for a particular cosmetic product. We willingly share our experience and knowledge, we pay special attention to aesthetics and form, as well as the quality and type of material of which the packs are made.

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